Expo At A Glance

The Ceramix Virtual Expo 2021 is bigger than ever, buyers from more than 100 countries participating to be a part of this extravaganza. Manufacturers will get multiple display and branding options at the expo while the buyers can get a real 3D feel of the products on display. And it will all happen in real-time! Here is a quick glance at the Ceramix Virtual Expo 2021:

100 Brands
5000 + Designs
Buyers from more than 100 Countries
Completely 3 Dimensional Display
Real-Time Communication (Video, Audio, Chat)
24 Hours Accessibility
Direct Access to Product Catalogues, Company Profiles, & Contact Details of Exhibiting Brands
Safe, Cost-Effective and Time Saving

How Is
Ceramix 2021 Different?

What makes Ceramix 2021 different from all the past instalments? What is it that places Ceramix Virtual Expo 2021 in the same class as the leading ceramic exhibition around the world? Here is a look:

  • Completely Virtual Display
  • Feel of a Physical Exhibition
  • Effective data collection and visitor analysis for after-event reference of brands
  • First event of its kind after the pandemic
  • Positioning India as the next best option in the Ceramic industry

World is Joining Us

We have buyers and participants joining us from 100 countries around the globe in this edition. The biggest participation in the Expo is expected to come from:

USA & Canada
Russia and CSR Countries
South East Asia
South America
Australia & New Zealand
Middle East